The four-eyed owl

Tseuu, tseuu, tseuu, the noise goes through the tree.

It doth such a delicate noise; I wonder what it could be?

Tseuu, tseuu, tseuu, it’s coming closer now.

I see now its eyes looking up and down. But such quaint eyes, they are only black.

With its’ pupil looking there and back.

Now it turns around to turn its’ back to me.

But now its’ eyes are yellow, that I see.

Its’ back is a brown striped front.

It is an owl, but such a runt.

It is so small, as small as can be.

I can hardly see him in the tree.

Those black eyes were fake.

I know they’re really yellow in black’s place.

Its’ call stands out against the wild dogs’ howl,

I’m looking at a pearl-spotted owl.

by Kadin Madgwick – age  8 


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