About Me

My name is Kadin and I am eleven years old. I live 20 km outside a major town in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. I have a love for Birds and enjoy birdwatching.

I became interested in birds when I was about 6. I began to read the Roberts and Newman’s bird books. I started making my own bird books which I illustrated and authored. Many of these were used as birthday or Christmas presents, others are kept in a box under my desk.

I usually go outside early in the morning and walk around and watch for birds. I take pictures of the birds if they don’t fly away. I bird in the garden. On the days I go out, I usually take my birding bag with me.

I volunteer at the African Bird of Prey Sanctuary, where I usually clean birds cages, speak in the shows, or take birds back to their cages. I love working there.

One day I hope to study ornithology at the Percy Fitzpatrick Institute in Cape Town and have a nature park.

I also like playing the violin and reading – especially animal books and Asterix.

I hope you enjoy this webpage I have made.






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