Emperor Penguin

Aptenodytes forsteri 

Emperor penguins are the largest Penguin in the World - they are about 4 feet high.That's as high as me! They also weigh 90 pounds.! If that's doesn't sound like a lot, then think that it's about 41 kilograms! Emperor Penguins also play soccer! Not quite. While the other mate is fishing, the parent with the rest of his or her friends hold the egg on their feet and walk around. In winter, all the Penguins huddle up together and push their way to the middle of the circle where it is nice and warm. When the parents swap duties, it is life threatening for the baby inside the egg. The parents huddle together, and the one who was holding the egg rolls onto the other's foot. However, if the egg touches the freeing ice, it will become a small fridge, and the baby will freeze to death.Very few eggs that touch the ice live to see it's would - be killer. But, when the babies hatch out, they are frightfully cute. They have grey bodies and white faces, while the  sides of the face are black. But one day, they'll grow up like their parents, strong, tall, and beautiful. 

 'One day, I'll  be just like you.'

 (Image via Wikipedia)

King Penguin 

 Aptenodytes patagonicus

 King Penguins are the second largest penguins in the world at 0.7 - 1 meter(s), and they can weigh up to 16 kilograms. Capable of diving up to more than 300 meters deep, these large birds eat fish (Such as Laternfish and Escolars) and squid (Of the Hooked and Sevenstar Flying variety). As I said earlier, King Penguins can be distinguished from Emperor Penguins by their size, but they can also be told apart by their habitat and appearance. Emperor Penguins prefer the snow-land of Antarctica, and can withstand the winter blizzards, whereas, the King Penguin lives on the rocky shores of Sub-Antarctic Islands, like Crozet, the Falklands, South Georgia, the Prince Edwards, Macquarie and the Kerguelen Islands, and, though they don't have to face the terrible storms of Antarctica, they have problems of their own to deal with, such as hungry Skuas, Sheathbills, Killer Whales and Seals. King Penguins have bright orange where the Emperor Penguin is yellow, and the orange goes down to the neck. The two species' chicks are different too. Emperor Penguins have grey youngsters with a black mark on their white face, while the King Penguin is only brown. King Penguin babies form groups with other babies called crèches. The adults leave their babies in the care of other parents. King Penguins are not the only Penguins who leave the youngsters in groups with other chicks. These Penguins may just look like big Orange, Black and White birds, there's more to them than meets the eye, as it is with all birds.    

 The World's Most Crowded Crèche!

(Image via Wikipedia)

'The fishing was jolly good today, wasn't it?'

(Image via Wikipedia)  

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